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Paternity Testing

DNA Paternity Testing is used to decide if a particular guy is the biological father to a specific toddler. A paternity test will analyze the feasible father and infant’s DNA profiles. Then the two DNA profiles are compared to establish if there’s a organic relationship.

With Accurate Paternity Testing our paternity exams normally include a 21 genetic marker test. Each genetic marker will have 2 numbers which might be known as alleles. A infant will acquire 1 allele from their mom and 1 allele from their organic father. A biological father have to in shape the child with as a minimum 1 allele in every genetic marker.

How DNA Paternity Testing Works

Order Paternity Test

After selecting a take a look at, we are able to both ship out a Home Paternity DNA Test Kit or schedule an appointment for Paternity DNA Testing at any of our one thousand+ Testing Centers for DNA collection.

Collect Samples

DNA series is painless and clean to perform. DNA collections are done with non-invasive buccal swabs. The swabs are brushed gently on the inner of each person’s cheeks for round 10 seconds.

Get Paternity Results

Results usually entire within 3-5 commercial enterprise days after the laboratory receives all checking out kits. Paternity check outcomes are then provided over the cellphone and e mail. Mailed copies can be sent upon request.

Legal Paternity Test vs Home Paternity Test

  • Same Day Appointments in maximum regions
  • Painless DNA series
  • Fast consequences: three-five business days
  • Schedule via phone
  • Results are private and exclusive
  • One low price consists of trying out & legal DNA consequences

Paternity DNA Testing Kit

  • Discreet delivery, unfastened shipping each ways
  • Easy to use kit with certain instructions
  • Fast consequences: 3-5 business days after returning the kit
  • Order online with the aid of Phone
  • Results are personal and exclusive
  • One low charge includes kit + outcomes

Home Paternity Testing Kit Includes

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Tax Forms
  • Name Change
  • Court Order
  • Social Security
  • Will/Estate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Adoption
  • Tribal Enrollment

How are Samples Collected for a Paternity Test?

For maximum paternity exams, the samples are amassed using sterile buccal swabs. These sterile cotton tip swabs are rubbed at the interior of the cheek accumulating the epithelial cells. Buccal swab collections are completely painless and may be used on kids, infants, and adults. Due to the fact that the DNA observed in our cheek cells is the same DNA found in all of our cells in our body, the consequences from this test might be exactly similar to if appearing the check using a blood pattern or other “special” samples.

Legal paternity assessments ought to be accrued at 1 of our many series labs. This lets in the gathering to be taken through a professional impartial third birthday celebration. They can even take a thumbprint and a picture on the time of collection, providing proof of who become gathered.

DNA Testing Without the Father

The most common form of courting check done, is paternity. That includes checking out the kid directly towards the alleged father. Sometimes a popular paternity check isn’t an option. In such instances a unique courting DNA take a look at may be requested.

Special courting trying out lets in for the trying out of other paternal family consisting of different known kids, grandparents, or aunts and uncles to the kid in query. This kind of testing is accomplished while the alleged father is unwilling or no longer to be had to take part in a trendy paternity check.

We also provide distinctiveness DNA testing. Which can consist of post-mortem, cellular collections, or comparison checking out. Many seeking DNA trying out aren’t conscious that those alternatives are available.

Accurate Paternity Testing can provide different DNA checking out options if a preferred paternity does not fit your scenario.

Can I do a Paternity DNA test package at home?

Yes! Paternity assessments are our maximum commonplace kind of domestic DNA trying out.

Home DNA checking out kits are to be had for all of our courting DNA exams.

What is a DNA paternity test?

A paternity take a look at is a systematic check that compares the DNA profiles of a capability father and a infant to determine the biological relationship.

Why would I do a Legal DNA Paternity Test?

There are more than one reasons to get a criminal paternity test. The most not unusual motives for wanting legal documentation are child guide, toddler custody, call trade, delivery certificate trade, proving paternity to the IRS or army blessings.

What kind of DNA sample is used for a DNA Test for a father and child?

For all of our domestic DNA checking out kits, a easy buccal swab is the best desirable pattern.

If you select to do a DNA collection at one among our facilities, the most common sample is a buccal swab. But blood samples may be accrued if requested in advance.

There also are options for Post-Mortem DNA samples to be used. These samples should be in the care of a expert office together with a coroner’s workplace, or a funeral domestic.

Who needs to be tested for a paternity test?

A viable father and a baby are required for a paternity check. We also provide different relationship tests which include siblings, aunt/uncle and grandparent courting tests.

What ID's are needed for a paternity test?

For domestic checking out kits do not require any kind of ID to be tested.

For in lab options or criminal paternity checking out, absolutely everyone over 18 will want to have 2 kinds of ID. The first shape wishes to be a central authority issued photograph ID. The second form does no longer ought to be some other photograph ID, but it may be. For any person checking out underneath the age of 18, they’ll want 1 shape of ID. It does NOT need to be a picture ID. It can be a start certificates, social security card, shot record or coverage card. We can accommodate different alternatives for ID, please just allow us to realize what you’ve got available.

How do you get a DNA test if the father is in another state?

Accurate Paternity Testing has DNA collection websites nationwide. So we will accommodate people in different states for paternity assessments. We can agenda a paternity appointment for all people checking out in their very own nation.

If your preference is the house paternity take a look at and all people lives in a special state, we deliver to both human beings. We will split the paternity take a look at up and anyone will get their a part of the package. Both human beings may even get pay as you go delivery back to the lab for testing.

How much does a paternity test cost?

The rate of a paternity take a look at is dependent on a few elements. How many people are testing? Do you need the take a look at for prison purposes or just non-public know-how?

The value of a prison paternity inclusive of 1 viable father and 1 baby is $349. Any additional man or woman is $125

The value of a domestic paternity take a look at together with 1 possible father and 1 child is $179. Any extra individual is $69.

Can a DNA paternity test reveal other information about yourself, such as genetic makeup or predisposition to medical illnesses?

Unfortunately not. The genetic checks which might be accomplished for paternity are best screened for the sole purpose to discover genetic suits within the different man or woman checking out towards.

How can AABB accredited paternity testing benefit me?

DNA Paternity check consequences provided with the aid of our AABB and ISO 17025 accepted laboratory are deemed, useable for existence. These accreditations verify that the best feasible standards and competence is being upheld via the laboratory. US government groups, or nation institutions require that your paternity take a look at effects be preformed by way of a laboratory with an AABB accreditation. Courts in the course of the USA regard our criminal DNA paternity effects as absolute proof of the relationship in query.

The AABB standards maintains that a legal paternity check have to have a strict chain of custody to be legitimate in any prison matter and admissible in courtroom. An impartial clinical professional need to perform the pattern series, and willing contributors have to offer criminal identity as well as sign acknowledgement in their consent. As part of the technique, those signatures of consent, fingerprint and picture of the participants, and every other identifying statistics could be furnished on the chain of custody.

Our paternity checking out laboratory trains all technicians to follow these tactics to ensure that results can be used for any felony matter. Our testing laboratory consists by using experienced PhD geneticists who administer the testing technique in accordance to the AABB and ISO accreditation requirements. This ensures that the maximum up to date testing techniques and era are being used to finish your paternity check.

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