Accurate Paternity Testing | Legal DNA Testing
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Legal DNA Testing

Legal Paternity Testing can be setup effortlessly with Accurate Paternity Testing. Get outcomes typically inside three-5 enterprise days at less costly charges. Legal DNA check outcomes are authorized, admissible in court and also can be used to set up benefits.

All Legal DNA checking out needs to be achieved via an American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) permitted laboratory. Samples for this sort of DNA test, will need to be accrued with the aid of a non-biased legal third birthday celebration DNA collector. A strict Chain of Custody manner need to be observed for all felony trying out, Our labs follow this strict step-by way of-step manner so that it will make sure your Legal DNA Test is admissible in court if ever wanted. Following these approaches will permit your outcomes for use as legitimate statistics in a criminal setting.

Accurate Paternity Testing is partnered with Laboratory Corporation of America(LabCorp), that’s the nation’s leading accredited DNA trying out lab. Our DNA trying out lab constantly offers the most correct outcomes for our customers. This is because they may be continually upgrading to the most modern and most up-to-date technology for DNA trying out. Results for checking out are at a 99.Nine% accuracy level.

Step 1- Call to Schedule

Legal DNA checking out calls for that each one samples be taken by way of a non-biased 3rd celebration collector. With thousands of centers scattered around the kingdom, Accurate Paternity Testing can have a place close to you. Our skilled DNA case supervisor will work to discover a time and vicinity that nice meets your wishes. At the time of scheduling, all data bearing on the people testing will be accrued.

Your DNA case supervisor will attempt to put together you on what to expect throughout the collection technique. As properly as answer any questions you may have.

Step 2 – Legal DNA Collection Appointment

Arrive on time to your appointment. Be certain to bring the suitable identity for each person checking out. Labcorp is a expert DNA collection center and their lab technician may be geared up in your appointment.

The DNA series will encompass easy and painless swabs from the interior of the cheeks. The lab technician will also take a fingerprint and a picture of the people trying out. There might be a few documents to sign, after which your DNA collection appointment can be whole.

Step 3 – Get Your Results

Results may be to be had in as low as three-5 business days. This is in spite of everything samples are collected and received at the primary DNA testing lab.

Once testing has completed, a DNA case manager will notify you via phone and/or electronic mail. The original Legal Documents will then be mailed out thus.

Our permitted laboratory produces the highest pleasant legal documents for presentation in court and different prison matters.

Common Reasons for Legal DNA Test

  • Birth Certificate
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Tribal Enrollment
  • Insurance
  • Tax Forms
  • Will/Estate
  • Adoption
  • Immigration

DNA Collections Included

Accurate Paternity Testing offers the entirety had to get prison paternity outcomes and trying out for one low rate. With different corporations, they require you to do the paintings and find a collector or they tack on more to the pricing for the collection. The collection and right chain of custody are a number of the most important worries for court docket admissible DNA exams.

Not only do they upload extra costs for the usage of their collection services, but additionally they do now not schedule at once at some point of your initial setup. With Accurate Paternity Testing and our partnership with Labcorp, we will commonly schedule appointments the identical day or inside a few commercial enterprise days. While we have you ever at the telephone, we look at the provision at your selected vicinity and get the first-rate time booked proper then and there.

On the rare occurrence we can not provide a Labcorp DNA collection web site on your region, we are able to work with a listing of licensed collectors that may perform the gathering for a small price.

Legal DNA Results Included

While different businesses only permit one character to acquire consequences and fee additional expenses for contacts. They may additionally tack additional fees to offer you with mailed copies. In most courts, it’s far required that the original files be presented, that can only be received by way of mail.

At Accurate Paternity Testing we are dedicated to provide you with the most accurate effects as fast as feasible. Once consequences are completed, a representative in our workplace will immediately attain out to you through cellphone to speak about the ones results. A e-mail with outcomes can also be supplied to you, with the mailed authentic effects accomplishing you a brief time after.

AABB Accreditation

Our partner laboratory LabCorp is one of the only a few DNA testing laboratories authorised by means of the AABB. The AABB’s Relationship DNA Testing Accreditation program is considered the gold wellknown for DNA trying out laboratories. To make certain that every one tests are performed with the very best wellknown of accuracy, accepted laboratories ought to skip rigorous opinions and inspections. Only accepted DNA tests are admissible within the courtroom of law.

Are appointments needed for Legal Paternity Tests?

Yes, scheduling is needed for Legal DNA Testing. Paperwork and scheduling need to be called in earlier than the DNA collection appointment. Same day checking out appointments are normally available Monday via Friday.

Is a Legal DNA Test different than a Home Paternity Test?

Legal DNA testing has a strict chain of custody this is accompanied and samples have to be collected by a trained expert. You may also get felony court docket admissible DNA results which might be notarized. The effects for legal testing can be utilized in a courtroom of law and for various other motives.

The home DNA checking out package is accrued by way of your self in the privateness of your property. The DNA samples will nonetheless cross lower back to the equal testing laboratory as the criminal testing. But because the lab does now not have evidence of the humans that were accrued, the effects can’t be used for criminal functions.

Accurate Paternity Testing’s felony DNA testing and domestic DNA trying out preserve the identical stage of accuracy.

Is a court order required for a Legal Paternity Test?

In most states a court order is NOT wanted for DNA Paternity Testing. However, within the country of New York, you will want 1 of the following to get a DNA take a look at, a courtroom order, a health practitioner’s prescription OR a letter of authorization from an lawyer.

Can people testing live in different cities or states?

Absolutely. We have a community of nationwide labs that we paintings with for DNA collections. So Accurate Paternity Testing can schedule and coordinate trying out in specific geographic areas easily. This permits the DNA checking out appointments to be scheduled separately even though the father is in a exclusive country. There is no more charge for events to be tested in different places.

What makes a legal DNA Test court admissible?

The series of DNA sample is completed by way of an independent third-birthday celebration professional. They verify that every one parties checking out bring in legally valid sorts of ID. A picture is likewise recorded of every body collaborating within the checking out. The technician collection the pattern and the laboratory appearing the testing should also follow a strict chain of custody and be accredited with the aid of the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks.

What can I use legal DNA paternity results for?

Common reasons for Legal Paternity Testing consist of: baby custody, toddler assist, name alternate, tax paperwork, adoption, will and estate planning, start certificates adjustments, military advantages, social safety blessings, tribal enrollment, court hearings, and so forth.

How long does it take to get results of a legal DNA test?

If the criminal DNA check is a paternity take a look at, the results typically take three-five business days from the time the primary lab gets all samples.

If the felony check is a special dating check, the results generally take three-eight business days from the time the principle lab receives all samples. Special courting checks include grandparent DNA tests, sibling DNA checks and avuncular DNA tests (DNA take a look at with an aunt or an uncle).

Where can I present legal DNA test results?

Court admissible DNA consequences can be used in any court docket of regulation throughout america. They can also be used for maximum international cases.

The social security office, child help, IRS and different agencies require prison DNA results.

Who can do a legal DNA test?

Our maximum not unusual criminal DNA test is a paternity take a look at. With this take a look at, a possible father and a possible child may be examined to get an accurate result.

However, we offer more than one legal DNA tests inclusive of grandparents, siblings, aunt or uncles and mothers.

How much does a legal DNA test cost?

Pricing for criminal DNA checking out varies primarily based on what number of humans will be testing.

If 2 people are testing consisting of 1 feasible father and 1 baby, the value of the criminal DNA test is $349. Any extra individual is $125.

Can you get a legal paternity test if the father is deceased?

This is honestly more not unusual than most people realize. If there may be a autopsy DNA pattern on document at the coroner’s office or funeral domestic, a criminal DNA take a look at may be done.

If there isn’t always a DNA sample to be had for the deceased father, we are able to do different type of courting DNA tests. This can include the grandparents, siblings, aunts or uncles.

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