Accurate Paternity Testing | How Home Testing Works
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How Home Testing Works

So how precisely does the Home Paternity Testing Kit paintings, and what may be expected in the course of the technique?

Customers can expect to obtain the Home Paternity Testing Kit within 2-3 business days (varies w/ transport options).

The easy to apply kit contains:

  • Buccal swabs for accumulating samples
  • Sample envelopes, to label and seal amassed samples
  • Detailed, simple commands for sample collection
  • Free Return envelope to return accumulated samples

Step 1

The first step is to decide how many humans may be testing after which order the proper domestic paternity take a look at package to your needs. The Home Paternity Testing Kit can be ordered on-line or over the cellphone. The Home Paternity Test Kit includes collection gloves, swabs, envelopes to shop samples, and a pre-paid envelope for delivery samples to the lab.

Step 2

Collecting samples for the house paternity package could be very quick and clean. The painless swab, similar to a Q-tip collects DNA samples with the aid of rubbing towards the internal of the cheek for 10 seconds. Collect the four swabs in step with individual ( consistent with cheek). The swabs are accrued one by one and kept separate always.

Step 3

Collect all samples and forms then insert into the pre-paid envelope. All objects are fast mailed to the DNA checking out laboratory.

Step 4

In best 3-five business days after receiving samples at the laboratory you will be contacted with the aid of the agent that setup your initial testing. They will explain the consequences furnished and answer any questions about the outcomes. Receive designated consequences by means of email or mail.

How accurate is domestic paternity trying out?

The Accurate Paternity Testing Home Testing Kit is held to the identical excessive fashionable of accuracy concerned with Legal Paternity Test. Samples accrued with the kit are examined twice by our AABB authorized laboratories. The simplest distinction between the two types of paternity tests is how samples are accumulated.

How do I realize if I need Home vs Legal trying out?

The Legal Paternity Testing manner follows a strict Chain of Custody and gives effects which can be court admissible. These felony effects can be used for toddler assist, infant custody, call change, military blessings, etc.

Are the labs performing the paternity check authorised?

All paternity checking out offerings supplied via Accurate Paternity Testing are accomplished via AABB approved laboratories in the United States. The software promotes the highest widespread of accuracy for dating checking out.

Can humans in specific areas get DNA tested with domestic kits?

Yes! Accurate Paternity Testing can cut up DNA testing kits and ship them to different locations. Each extra delivery deal with can be $6 more.

Send us a message and we will answer ASAP