Accurate Paternity Testing | Home Paternity Testing
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Home Paternity Testing

The Home Paternity Test Kit affords correct checking out for paternity inside the comfort and privacy of your private home. The trying out kit determines the chance that a male is the organic father of a baby with ninety nine.99% accuracy. Other DNA relationship checks also are to be had by way of the use of a domestic DNA trying out kit.

If you’ll now not want the DNA check effects for any prison reasons, you can shop time and money by ordering the home DNA testing package. It is important to be aware that domestic testing kits cannot keep up for courtroom functions.

Everything wanted for Paternity Test Results are blanketed within the Accurate Paternity Testing Home Test Kit. One low charge includes testing kit, delivery, and effects. Learn the proper biological courting with entire accuracy.

Step 1 – Call to Order

Ordering a domestic DNA trying out kit is as simple as a telephone call or filling out our on-line shape. We need a few very basic information on anyone checking out. This information includes: names, date of beginning and address where the package(s) have to be mailed to. We will also accumulate contact statistics to ship results.

Step 2 – Collect DNA Samples

DNA pattern collections are finished through a easy cheek swab, additionally called a buccal swab. Each swab is rubbed on the inside of the cheek to accumulate pores and skin cells. Then pattern packs should be located into the pay as you go specific transport bag supplied.

Step 3 – Receive Your Results

Paternity effects are commonly available in three-five business days. Special courting DNA effects can take some days longer. Once consequences are equipped, a DNA case manager will attain out to you by way of phone and/or e-mail. Mailed copies are also available upon request for no rate.

The report for testing will outline the DNA profile for absolutely everyone trying out as well as an easy to study conclusion.

Home Paternity Testing Kit Includes

  • Easy to apply package with distinctive instructions
  • Discreet transport, loose transport both approaches
  • Simple and safe cheek swab
  • 3-five commercial enterprise days results
  • Results are non-public and exclusive
  • 99.99% Accuracy
  • One low charge includes kit + outcomes

Home Paternity Accuracy

Home DNA Paternity testing is accomplished on the same laboratories as our Legal DNA Test, and includes the equal level of accuracy. All samples are examined two times to make sure pleasant control. Results provide users with the very best tiers of accuracy that you could believe. Every paternity test offered by using Accurate Paternity Testing commonly compares 21 genetic markers.

Buccal Swab Collection Procedure

Verify the collection package carries a self-adhesive envelope for each person checking out. Each envelope ought to incorporate (2) applications of sterile cotton-tipped swabs and a white call label.

Collect handiest one man or woman’s DNA at a time. As you are gathering absolutely everyone’s sample, take away the swabs from the sterile package deal and discard the wrapper. Do now not touch the sterile cotton tip of swabs or lay the swabs on any surface prior to or after series.

Use one swab per cheek quadrant (top left, bottom left, top right, backside right).

Before you swab, swallow. This is NOT a saliva check, do not suck the swab.

Vigorously brush the swab towards the interior of the cheek for about ten(10) seconds per swab with the equal pressure used when brushing your teeth.

Hold swabs via the sticks for about one minute and permit them to air dry.

Write the name of the man or woman whose pattern changed into gathered on the white label. Fold, DO NOT WRAP, the white label round all four(4) swab sticks.

Insert all four(four) swabs, cotton cease first, returned into the self-adhesive envelope. Seal the envelope.

After gathering all people DNA, place the gathering kit containing the samples into the prepaid FedEx shipping envelope supplied.


Flexible Options Make Testing Easy

Accurate Paternity Testing is a nationwide paternity testing company with a large community of locations. We can deliver trying out kits everywhere within the United States and offer pattern collections anywhere you are placed. If take a look at individuals are located in different locations close to or a long way we are able to provide services to accommodate.

Fully Accredited DNA Laboratories

Accurate Paternity Testing makes use of DNA testing offerings from Labcorp that offers the very best stage of accreditations to be had. This guarantees that you are receiving the highest fine provider to be had and that each single take a look at executed is executed the use of the strictest and maximum requirements.

How accurate is paternity testing without the mother?

Performing a paternity check without the mother being concerned is viable. Including the mother for trying out is usually endorsed, but the final selection is left as much as the individuals to decide.

How long does it take to get the results of Home Paternity Testing?

Home Paternity Testing outcomes typically take three-5 business after DNA samples had been accumulated by way of the laboratory.

Send us a message and we will answer ASAP