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As part of our DNA Paternity Testing Services, we offer brilliant patron delight at one low price. With no hidden fees or taxes, we make paternity testing low-priced and stress free. Accurate Paternity Testing’s project is to make our clients sense comfortable with their choice in private Paternity trying out thru our super customer support.

Accurate and accepted DNA Testing is made quite simply feasible via one in every of our many centers placed at some stage in the United States. Whether all members are within the identical town or in a distinct town and country, trying out has by no means been simpler. Get DNA tested nowadays in a secure and enjoyable setting.

Setup Paternity Testing in only some minutes. Get questions responded. Our caring customer service and assist group are standing by.

Home Paternity Testing

If evidence of paternity is to your very own peace of mind and now not for felony functions then a Home DNA Paternity Test may be the first-class preference for you. It is vital to take into account that outcomes from a home check aren’t legitimate in legal court.

Legal DNA Testing

When you want to set up a paternity check for legal motives, a Legal Paternity Test from Accurate Paternity Testing is simply necessary and easy to setup. Accurate Paternity Testing guarantees that paternity consequences are 100% admissible in court.

Sibling DNA Relationship Testing

Sibling DNA Testing is a DNA take a look at technique that is finished to decide if or greater people proportion one or each mother and father. For instance to decide if they’re full or half siblings. Sibling DNA tests are normally used as an oblique approach.

Paternity Testing

The Home Paternity Test Kit presents accurate testing for paternity inside the comfort and privateness of your private home. The testing package determines the probability that a male is the organic father of a child with 99.99% accuracy.

Tribal Enrollment

Enrolling into an American Indian Tribe, will connect with the new contributors with traditions which might be particular to their unique tribe. It additionally allows the brand new tribal contributors to benefit access to tribal blessings.

DNA Profiling

DNA Profiling makes use of a 21-marker take a look at to reap a document of someone’s genetic profile. DNA profiling has a high accuracy price. With accredited trying out labs and proper chain-of-custody accompanied, effects are regular by using court.

Private Testing

Our DNA trying out system continues your statistics completely private.

Accredited Testing Lab

Paternity Testing is achieved by way of approved labs, which ensures fine outcomes.

Express Results

3-5 day Paternity Test consequences after receiving amassed DNA samples.

Peace of Mind Price

Everything required for accurate paternity testing is protected in one low fee.

Excellent Customer Service

Our Paternity DNA Testing specialists can solution all of your questions.

Convenient Locations

With over 2500 places for DNA sample collection Accurate Paternity Testing.

DNA Testing Options

Determining if a biological dating exists among 2 people through DNA checking out is less difficult than ever earlier than. Although paternity tests are the maximum not unusual sort of dating DNA testing, it can not be the right fit in your state of affairs.

If the alleged father is not available or now not inclined to take part in a paternity check, then a special dating DNA check can be a higher alternative. This type of check includes testing other paternal spouse and children consisting of siblings, grandparents, or even aunts or uncles to the child at question.

Not best will we offer special relationship DNA testing, however we can also offer specialty DNA trying out which includes port-mortem or cellular collections for an inmate. Many of our clients do now not recognise that these options are even a possibility.

If a preferred paternity take a look at with the daddy and infant does now not healthy your scenario, test out our different DNA checking out options.

Send us a message and we will answer ASAP